New salon recruits

Our Team

Diiro10 Salon thrilled to be able to introduce you to our newest recruits – Bela and Lexi.

This is such a wonderful step in the growth of our salon business, and we truly look forward to you meeting these bright souls. 

Lexi is into her 3rd year of her apprenticeship with Bela becoming a 3rd year in February.

Their induction and start date took place earlier this month with all their brand training coming up in the fortnight ahead. Shortly after that we will get hands on with the training plan to ensure their skills are where we’d like them to be. Both girls are enthusiastic about this opportunity to work with us and already have a skill sets in colour work. Both girls boast immense amounts of confidence with the colour skills with both sharing aspirations of working towards becoming colour specialists in their career.

Diior10 Salon has always been dedicated to the growth and development of their younger talents and we are especially excited about these 2. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to boast about having new recruits and it feels really good to have this new found passion and energy back within our walls.

Their training plans have been built and we are well underway to ensuring their integration to our busy salon is one that is smooth and positive. They will be training weekly one on one with salon owner Daniel, with all this work being completed on live models. We like to use live models are their training because it becomes a total service opportunity beginning with in-depth consultations right through to capturing the whole process for social media.

With the new salon opening in 2023 in Leppington, we feel that the time has never been better to join our team. We offer great opportunities in education, with flexible working opportunities and great performance-based rewards packages. We look forward to documenting their progress with you all on our social media and would love to invite anyone looking to begin or make a change in their career for hair.