NEW PREMIÈRE by Kerastase

Reignite your inner strength

Première is born from an unprecedented scientific discovery, showing that the calcium in water amplifies the effects of damage on hair. Understanding this enabled Kerastase to create a collection that first decalcifies hair and then repairs it, by helping reconnect the keratin bonds. With Première, we are repairing hair further, deeper and more long term than ever before.

Calcium is not your friend

Do you know what calcium is and its impact on hair?

Water is good for you. But not so great for your hair. There are high amounts of calcium in the water we use to bathe and shampoo our hair. Calcium is like kryptonite for the hair. At each contact with water, calcium accumulates creating persistent damage.

The damage amplifier that occurs with every shower

Calcium deposits outside the hair shaft and in between the cuticles can make hair rough and dull. Picture a calcified glass with white water marks. Imagine that on your hair fibres and you’ll get an idea of how this could be less than desirable.

Calcium can penetrate down to the keratin layer, in the depths of your hair. Over time, this can make your hair more rigid, brittle, and easier to break, especially if your hair is coloured. This is what we call persistent damage—the kind that keeps coming back.

Dual action repair haircare

  • Frees hair from calcium buildup that leads to breakage.
  • Reconnects broken Keratin links.
  • Radically reverses persistent damage.
  • Restores hair to its premier state.

Strength in numbers

* with all tests performed as a full haircare routine
  • 98% less breakage
  • 12x less split ends
  • 73% shinier hair
  • 72hr frizz control
  • 99% of the hairs original strength rebuilt

Decalcification, explained

“Clients have told us that no matter what they use, the damage keeps coming back. The problem is a calcium buildup from water weakens the hair. After 12 patents and more than 600 tests, we found the right combination of citric acid (to remove the calcium) and glycine (to repair the damage) that gives Première its power. The citric acid, at a 3% concentration, has a molecular shape with three arms that bind to the calcium, trap it, and eliminate it. The glycine, at 5% concentration, is tiny enough to penetrate the deepest layers of the fibre to recreate the hair’s strength. Et voila! The hair returns to its premier state”

EDINE AHBICH – Kerastase Global Scientific Director