L’Oréal colour specialists


If you’re looking for a colour service that has it all – consultation, in-depth analysis, recommendations and on-trend results – then look no further than the 2 newest L'Oréal Colour Specialist Degree graduates at our Bossley Park Hair Salon. Meet our 2 new L'Oréal Colour Specialist Degree Graduates

We set our standards incredibly high at Diior10 Salon, and are renowned for our technical excellence and investment in training. That makes this news even sweeter for us, as we proudly announce that 2 of our team have graduated the prestigious L’Oréal Colour Specialist Degree.

Daniel and Jake, now join an elite group of hairdressing experts from across Australia, and can boast an unparalleled knowledge of colour. In addition, Daniel & Jake’s graduation means that Diior10 Salon has become one of an extremely select group of hairdressing salons nationwide with a total of 3 Colour Specialist Degree graduates.

The L’Oréal Colour specialist Degree is the industry benchmark for hair colouring. The colour specialist delves in depth into the science and technology behind hair colouring, giving them a greater knowledge of the chemical reactions that take place with the natural and pre-treated hair pigments. This knowledge helps the specialist formulate to compensate and achieve the desired results with greater colour accuracy and maintain the hair healthy condition.

The course took 12 months to complete which boasted 7 theory and 7 practical components. Once this course has taken its path, a 3 hour sit down exam took place covering all science and manufacturer questions follow by a live demonstration of the colour skills learnt. Becoming a colour specialist in Diior10 Salon requires a minimum of 6 years experience and a completion of the pre-requisite courses. To gratitude successfully a minimum of 80% is required – this really ensures we can validate our price to value for service.

What our L’Oréal Colour Specialists said:

Becoming a colour specialist was never in my sights however it presented a challenge that a business owner such as myself wanted to push for. The extensive science knowledge about the hair and how colour works with it was mind blowing. Further more to the science was the creativity it helped bring out of me. I now find myself performing on-trend colour services with a specialist brain and a very cultural environment – it’s a great mix!


Colour degree was great, being the salons head colourist I felt like I needed something more to really push my skills further. Specialising in colour has always been my goal within my career and doing L’Oreal’s colour specialist degree has really been able to give me a deeper passion in colouring hair, and the confidence to proudly say that I am a colour specialist and I now have my scientific and practical knowledge to back that.