Annual Service Menu Review

DI IORIO has undergone its annual review of its pricing structure.

With the current economic climate at the forefront of this process, we are pleased to share some insight and transparency to the way we provide our services and the approach we have towards ensuring a steady work environment. 

Our services are built based on the time allowed to complete them and this has a direct correlation to the level system in place. We used a specific formula to determine our service price per minute and re-evaluate this every year. This helps us remain modest with our approach when selecting what services need to be reviewed.

A lot of people assumed that re-locating to Leppington Village would result in a price increase however this has not been the case. We have always remained true to our approach and we only review this in February of every year.

We have 4 pricing tiers. These are based on the stylists’ years within the industry and their level of experience. It should be highly noted that no stylist has the ability to perform a service and charge for it if they are not up to the standard. We offer these levels with 2 fronts in mind; first one to help our junior team become the professional they deserve to be whilst secondly offering an affordable route into a luxury salon space. With this, we are excited to announce a new price tier by the name of ‘JUNIOR’ which has very select services that our 1st years can handle under supervision and guidance from our senior team.

Our service level tiers & their descriptions:

Junior Stylist – 1st Year Apprentice (20% off Emerging prices on select services only)

Emerging Stylist – 2nd& 3rd Year Apprentice

Graduate Stylist – Senior Hairdresser in their first year of Qualification (4th year)

Senior Stylist – Senior Hairdresser (5+ years experience)

Specialist – The salon director and/or a stylist who is a Lóreal Colour Degree Graduate

With this revision, we celebrate the change in level of 2 stylists. Bela has now successfully become a qualified hairdresser and her service pricing will now reflect the Graduate tier. Daniel on the other hand has spent the last 3 years since becoming a Lóreal Colour Degree Graduate focussing on developing the skills to match his knowledge and is now charging as a Colour Specialist.

12 months ago, we introduced an innovative tool into our colouring world called Salon Scale. This digital tool has taken the world by storm and we are so thankful for its impact with our services. A digital tool that weighs, tracks and measures your colour usage, whilst reducing waste and improving our awareness when it comes to costs that are involved when running our salon. For the consumer, this helps keep our pricing unique to you with our Labour + Parts style servicing. The labour component is the time (& expertise) used to engage the service with the parts component being the stock that has been used.

Overall, very minor changes have been made to our service menu in terms of pricing, with all colour, treatment and Keratin prices remaining the same – our revisions mainly came in the form of Styling and Cutting.

Click here to download your latest version of our service menu.